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For College Students, Winter Break in Jerusalem

The future of Judaism depends on Jewish knowledge, says Rabbi Loren Sykes, and specifically, giving more young people the chance to acquire it.


Powerful Voice for Schechter Schools Retires

You may not know her name, but a major force behind the Solomon Schechter day schools is retiring in June.

Inclusion for All

Hineinu is an innovative new collaboration of disability professionals from the Conservative, Orthodox, Reconstructionist, and Reform movements who will share resources with the hope of increasing inclusion in our synagogues for people of all abilities.

Israel Studies for JTS Students

Starting this fall, graduate students at the Jewish Theological Seminary will have the chance to immerse themselves in the history, literature, culture and politics of Israel, thanks to a new partnership between JTS and Ben-Gurion University of the Negev.

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CJ Bookshelf: Spring 2014

Even if you have never seen a page of Talmud, you will find something of interest and accessible in Ruth Calderon’s newly translated book, A Bride for One Night.

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J and P

Mixed Blessings

Faced with rising rates of intermarriage, Conservative leaders are searching for new ways to keep interfaith families in the fold. The question is, what exactly should they do?

by Michael Schulson | 2 Comments

Old and Not In the Way

We have learned that Judaism, in all its richness, is not limited to the walls of a synagogue. We have learned that our community will not forget us when we are old and frail.

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A Bintel Brief in Pictures

Artist Liana Finck has created a graphic rendering of the famous advice column to the old Yiddish paper, The Jewish Daily Forward.

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Did Moses Fail as a Parent?

In his recent presentation at the Eli Talks, USCJ’s Rabbi Charles Savenor exposes an epic biblical cover-up – and explains why we as Jews and parents need to confront it.

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The Conversion Option

There’s a range of opinions on how much to push conversion to Judaism and when.

by Michael Schulson | 4 Comments

Interfaith Conversations – and Why They Matter

ONLINE EXCLUSIVE: According to most definitions, I’m not in an interfaith marriage. Not anymore.

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Too Long a Wait

It’s time to make converting to Judaism a less daunting process.

by Darcy Fryer | 4 Comments
god of becoming 4C

Something to Believe In

For Rabbi Bradley Shavit Artson, Judaism carries an ancient wisdom while at the same time is constantly renewing itself. The God Artson describes is a God of connection and hope.

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Raising Ruth’s Daughters

Israelis who have converted, or whose mothers or grandmothers converted, face especially daunting identity issues.

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Don’t Forget to Ask Why

by Bob Leventhal

While “the what” of an object or experience can be important, don’t forget to share “the why” – the vision and purpose informing it.

Why I Whisper in Shul

by Jodi S. Rosenfeld

We need to show up at synagogue in order for there to be enough of us to hold a service. But we might also think of it this way: we need to show up in order for there to be enough of us to hold each other.


Can the Conservative Movement Play Moneyball?

by Rabbi Joshua Rabin

If the committed core of the Conservative Movement believes that we can make a brighter future for ourselves and the Jewish people, then we need to figure out how to separate what we know versus what we think, and use data to develop a strategy to win the future.

The Sarah P. Duke Gardens at Duke University

Kehilla Permaculture

by Kathy Elias

Permaculture is a way of looking at the environment holistically, and working with, rather than against, the natural systems that already exist on a site. There are two things about permaculture that attracted my attention because they’re so common sense that they apply to our kehillot – sacred communities – as well.

Choose Jewish

by Rabbi Nicole Guzik

It is such a gift when I hear my conversion students affirm their Jewish beliefs, dip in the waters of the mikveh, and proudly recite the Sh’ma for the first time. In a way, I’ll admit, I even find myself a bit envious.