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The Koufax Midrash

A sports fanatic, who happens to be a rabbi, wants to know where Sandy Koufax was when he wasn’t playing in the World Series.

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You Are Not Your Abs

A father tells his bat mitzvah girls what really matters.

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Building Campus Community

The Ramah College Network creates opportunities for staff and alumni to connect year-round

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Why I Oppose Cremation

One Conservative rabbi shares his reasons for opposing cremation.

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The Broken and the Whole

After a shattering blow, a rabbi finds a new way of understanding the term “quality of life.”

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Admit One

Parents should not get involved with essays, and other expert advice on getting into college

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Judaism Came Calling

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Deborah Wechsler

Judgment Day

What one rabbi learned about the High Holidays by spending time in criminal court.

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The College Tour: Finding the Right Jewish Mix

Choosing a college is also about choosing a community for the next four years.

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An Israel Bond

Congregations use grants to create innovative programs connecting their communities to the Jewish State

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Securing Our Future – Choosing Life

by Bob Leventhal

The High Holidays remind us we are just temporary guests. Our lives are finite. God’s creation is meant to be enduring.

Don’t Forget to Ask Why

by Bob Leventhal

While “the what” of an object or experience can be important, don’t forget to share “the why” – the vision and purpose informing it.

Why I Whisper in Shul

by Jodi S. Rosenfeld

We need to show up at synagogue in order for there to be enough of us to hold a service. But we might also think of it this way: we need to show up in order for there to be enough of us to hold each other.


Can the Conservative Movement Play Moneyball?

by Rabbi Joshua Rabin

If the committed core of the Conservative Movement believes that we can make a brighter future for ourselves and the Jewish people, then we need to figure out how to separate what we know versus what we think, and use data to develop a strategy to win the future.

The Sarah P. Duke Gardens at Duke University

Kehilla Permaculture

by Kathy Elias

Permaculture is a way of looking at the environment holistically, and working with, rather than against, the natural systems that already exist on a site. There are two things about permaculture that attracted my attention because they’re so common sense that they apply to our kehillot – sacred communities – as well.