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After much consideration, we have made a decision with our partners, the Federation of Jewish Men's Clubs and the Women's League of Conservative Judaism, that a print magazine is no longer the best way to reach our constituents so the Fall 2015 issue of CJ Magazine will be the last. We will be taking a closer look at branding and marketing over the coming months to ensure efforts are reflective of today's USCJ, including exploring alternate communications vehicles, and look forward to sharing details of the next iteration of CJ Magazine.

Over the course of eight years, CJ Magazine provided a united voice for Conservative Judaism and a passionate exploration of what it means to be at the center of the movement, winning the 2014 Simon Rockower Award for Excellence in Jewish Journalism from the American Jewish Press Association.

We thank CJ Magazine editors Andrea Glick and Rhonda Kahn for their dedication, hard work and excellence and look forward to sharing news of the magazine’s next iteration following a re-branding initiative.


Rabbi Steven Wernick
CEO, United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism

Sister Act

In a world where women can be rabbis, cantors and synagogue presidents, traditional sisterhoods are re-inventing themselves and tweaking tradition to stay relevant in women’s lives.

Prison Yiddishkeit

After drifting away from Judaism as an adult, a Jewish inmate finds strength, solace and community by reconnecting with his faith.

From Challah and Chulent to Chutney and Chipati

Through the food, history and culture of Jews around the world, a summer camp helps kids broaden their understanding of Jewish identity – and see that being Jewish is more than skin-deep.

News & Features

Reshet Ramah - Purim - 1

Camp, to Last a Lifetime

Reshet Ramah, Camp Ramah’s alumni and community engagement network, is poised to expand the role that camp plays in building Jewish community.

by Rabbi Abigail Treu | Comments Off on Camp, to Last a Lifetime
Elliot Dorff Rector 2011

How We Decide Jewish Law

In Conservative Judaism the Committee on Jewish Law and Standards is the body that decides if, when, and how Jewish law should change.

by Rabbi Elliot N. Dorff | 1 Comment
Rabbi Gordon Tucker's Remarks

The Israel That Is Still To Be

by Rabbi Gordon Tucker | Comments Off on The Israel That Is Still To Be
Rachel Ain - Eisen book (2)

For the Sake of Heaven

With the help of a new book, even routine synagogue board meetings gain sparks of meaning.

by Rabbi Rachel Ain | Comments Off on For the Sake of Heaven

People of the Prayer Book

Taking a page from Lev Shalem, the popular High Holiday machzor, a new Shabbat and festival siddur offers an updated translation, layout and commentary designed to enliven the experience of prayer
for contemporary Jews.

by Rabbi Carol Levithan | Comments Off on People of the Prayer Book

The New Ushpizot: Planting a Vineyard

An ancient Sukkot tradition is expanded thanks to the creativity and determination of a new generation of women.

by Lisa Kogen | Comments Off on The New Ushpizot: Planting a Vineyard

What’s Funny? It All Depends

by Joel Chasnoff | Comments Off on What’s Funny? It All Depends
Yehudah Webster

This Is Your Battle, Too

For a young man who’s both Jewish and black, the killings of black men by police resonate too powerfully to be ignored.

by Yehudah Webster | 2 Comments
Burg with clergy in baltimore - 2015 (2)

An Open Letter to the Jewish Community

A Baltimore rabbi offers the real story behind events following the death of Freddie Gray

by Rabbi Daniel Cotzin Burg | Comments Off on An Open Letter to the Jewish Community
Rahel and Fred

How to Grow Your Daily Minyan: Two Creative Approaches

by Nancy Brand and Fred Ezekiel

Thinking about shaking up your minyan? Learn about some innovative ideas from USCJ kehillot.


Who Will Tell the Story? I Will

by Marina Cemaj

The Shoah had seemed like far-off history, until this Jewish teen took part in an intimate gathering known as Zikaron BaSalon


The Artist’s Beit Midrash

by Sandy Starkman

A look inside an adult-education program whose participants created art based on text study.

purim in NOLA

To Survive, To Strive, and To Thrive

by Bob Leventhal

After Katrina, a New Orleans congregation has done much more than come back from adversity

deborah pollack

The Power of Intentional Judaism at the Conservative Yeshiva

by Deborah Pollack

I believe the work being done at the CY is one of the true successes of Conservative Judaism. I found the Yeshiva to be a magical Jewish learning utopia made from Jerusalem stone.