Calling All USY Alumni

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Remember USY? Regional kinnusim, swimming in the Dead Sea, late night sing-alongs with friends, spending Shabbat with a family you just met, or davening at sunrise at the Grand Canyon? This transformative Jewish program, now 60 years old, is as strong as ever, connecting thousands of young people a year to the joy and meaning of Jewish life.

You can help support these programs so that all of our teenagers can have the opportunity to enjoy the USY experience. The USY Alumni Association has launched its first annual campaign, with the goal of creating new leadership development programs and scholarship opportunities for our young people. You can support the campaign in two ways. First, you can make a donation at Second, you can share this information with other USY alums. Your support will give more teens the chance to strengthen and celebrate their Jewish identity, acquire leadership skills and build lifelong friendships. Just like you did.