Camp Ramah in the Palm of Your Hand

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Think of it as Ramah at your fingertips. That’s the idea behind the new mobile app called Ramah365. The app is a new tool used by fellows in the Ramah Service Corps, a group of talented Ramah staff alumni working
as teachers and youth leaders in synagogues and schools across the U.S. and Canada. The goal of the fellows is to run dynamic, camp-style programming that will engage families and children and recruit some new campers to the Ramah experience. The Ramah365 app offers educational games called “missions.” In Toronto, for instance, children and families used the app to learn about different kinds of mitzvot and upload photos of themselves performing them. And in another popular mission used at multiple service corps sites, families go on a scavenger hunt at the zoo, earning points for snapping photos of snakes, to recall the Adam and Eve story, pairs of animals, to recall the story of Noah, and, after they learn the laws of kashrut, any animals they see that are kosher.  webdesign_365