Cantors Assembly Takes Historic Trip to Germany

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Last summer, about 200 people traveled to Germany and then on to Israel with the Cantors Assembly on a trip that evoked some of the magic and majesty of the German Jewish culture that flourished before the Holocaust. The highlight of the trip was an interfaith concert at the Berliner Dom, one of Europe’s most magnificent churches. The president of Germany was  among the guests, together with members of the country’s flourishing Jewish community, who enjoyed a program of Jewish and Christian music.

A haunting service and memorial program took place at Dachau, as well as a special program in memory of the Israeli athletes murdered at the 1972 Munich Olympics.

The Germany trip is part of a long-time vision of the Cantors Assembly to take Jewish musical and religious traditions to corners of the world with interesting and especially difficult histories. “We must never forget the Holocaust and the many tragedies that have befallen our people through the centuries,” noted CA President Cantor Jack Chomsky. “But we must not lose sight of the richness of our history and culture that preceded those terrible events. We were inspired by the many Jews who have chosen to make Jewish life possible again in Germany today – and tomorrow.”