Masorti is Growing

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According to Laura Lewis, its new executive director, the Masorti Foundation’s core mission is to nurture a healthy, pluralistic, spiritual, and ethical foundation for Israeli society through Conservative Judaism’s values. The movement is now organically Israeli, with IDF garinim, and growing demand for egalitarian worship and education. The movement has 70 kehillot and havurot and 18 NOAM youth movement chapters. The egalitarian services at Robinson’s Arch next to the Kotel serve more than 30,000 people annually. Masorti’s influence at the Knesset is on the upswing, particularly with the launch of a website clarifying members’ statements and voting records on pluralism. With a Religious Affairs Bureau, a kibbutz, a moshav, Marom (students and young adult organization), programs for children with special needs, as well as pre-school programs, the movement has become the central Jewish address for thousands of Israelis.