New Museum on Polish Jewish History

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In eight galleries sprawling over 43,000 square feet, the core exhibition of the Museum of the History of Polish Jews, unveiled last fall, immerses visitors in the thousand-year history of Polish Jews, from their arrival in medieval times until the present day. The museum is located in what was once the heart of Jewish Warsaw, which the Nazis turned into the Warsaw Ghetto, and near the Monument to the Ghetto Heroes. Though it explores the Holocaust, the museum also traces the fuller history of Poland’s Jews, who in 1939 numbered 3.5 million and made up 30 percent of the city of Warsaw. Each of eight galleries presents a different chapter of Polish Jewish history, telling its story through images, artifacts, first-person accounts and interactive multimedia. The museum also serves as a cultural and educational center, offering films, debates, workshops, performances, concerts, lectures. Learn more at