New Program Seeks to Reframe Hebrew School

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The quest to build a better Hebrew school is sweeping educational circles, and that includes a team at the Davidson Graduate School of Jewish Education, which is at the Jewish Theological Seminary in New York. Like others, Davidson educators are interested in how some of the positive experiences of Jewish summer camp can be brought to synagogue settings.

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Earlier this year Davidson created ReFrame, to research how best to integrate camp-type experiential learning into congregational school programs. ReFrame will share the new educational models it develops with synagogue-school leaders and spearhead efforts to implement these ideas in congregational settings.

Heading the initiative is Dr. Zachary Lasker, a Davidson professor whose extensive background both in education and as a Ramah director seems ideally suited for the job. But camp is different than school, as an animated video on the ReFrame blog points out. So ReFrame will “disassemble” the camp approach to discern exactly what works about experiential education and how it can be adapted for supplementary schools. School leaders can follow the discussions and get involved on the ReFrame blog.