This Passover in Israel with Kids

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During the Passover seder, we always say, “Next year in Jerusalem.” But you can make this the year that you celebrate the Jewish New Year of Spring in the Holy Land. President Obama and his new secretary of state, John Kerry, are not the only North Americans who will be heading to the Holy Land to enjoy springtime in Israel. Passover is often referred to as chag aviv, the holiday of spring. The weather in Israel is stunning this time of year, and with the abundance of kosher-for-Passover restaurants and hotels, it is the perfect place to have a fuss-free, family-friendly Pesach. Visit for complete information on Israel’s rich cultural offerings for spring 2013. Here is just a taste of the many activities taking place during the interim days of chol hamoed:

Passover 2013 at the Tower of David in Jerusalem – Events include The Night Spectacular: Sound and Light at the Citadel and a variety of permanent and temporary exhibitions, such as The Kaiser is Coming! which closes on April 6, 2013.

Ice City International Ice Festival – Dozens of artists from China and Israel participate in this unique Jerusalem festival comprised of a breathtaking ice sculpture exhibit and accompanying activities for the whole family, through April 30.

Ein Yael Museum – A magical encounter with ancient life in Israel

The Theatronetto Festival 2013 in Old Jaffa – in its 23rd year, Theatronetto is a festival of solo performances, allowing the actor to create a direct dialogue with the audience. (March 28-30, 2013)

Bible Lands Museum in Jerusalem – During the interim days of Passover the museum hosts activities for the entire family, including interactive guided tours, various creative workshops, performances and other surprises.

Ahava Dead Sea Music Festival – This annual festival attracts some of Israel’s biggest names in music (March 27-30, 2013)

Almost 50 sites offer free admission over Passover- sponsored annually by Bank Hapoalim’s Free Passover/Pesach Program (site in Hebrew – use site translating tool to view in English)

Holon Design Week 2013 – Holon, just south of Tel Aviv, is home to the Design Museum Holon. During Passover, many events will take place in the plaza including a festival showcasing the works of young designers, a self-assembly activity using giant Legos, and more (March 27-30, 2013)

The Archaeological Museum at Kibbutz Ein Dor, is located at the foot of Mount Tabor in the Galilee, near the biblical Ein Dor. The museum sheds light on the area’s rich past through permanent and temporary exhibits.

Children’s Theatre Festival – The Haifa International Children’s Theater Festival has become a popular annual tradition during Passover. The rich program includes colorful outdoor and street performances and special activities for children. (March 27 – March 29, 2013)