Uganda to South Africa a History Rabbinic Visit

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Rabbi Gershom Sizomu of the Abuyadaya community in Uganda recently visited the Masorti Shalom Congregation in Johannesburg, South Africa. Thanks to Rabbi Sizomu’s magnetic personality, the kehilla immediately warmed to him. “We were absolutely overawed by his presence and thoroughly enjoyed his interaction with our congregation,” said Tony Harmon, chairman of Masorti Shalom.

Rabbi Sizomu taught several times during Shabbat, giving a d’var Torah and a talk on the history of the Abuyadaya  community. At a Sunday morning breakfast minyan he sang for the congregants.

Rabbi Sizomu, who was ordained in 2008 at the Ziegler School of Rabbinic Studies in Los Angeles, spoke on the local Jewish radio station and was interviewed by the Jewish paper. “It was a pleasure to have him with us and we certainly will connect with him and his congregation in the future,” Harmon said. Masorti Shalom Congregation gave Rabbi Sizomu a set of Torah covers and ark curtains that it had just replaced, and he, in turn, dedicated the new covers for the Johannesburg shul. For more news about Masorti Judaism, go to