Unscrolled is a series of stories, poems, memoirs, plays, graphic novels, and more that offer a startlingly fresh take on the Torah, its value, and its place in our lives

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What happens when you give a diverse group of 54 Jewish writers and artists a chance to grapple with the first five books of the Torah? The answer is found in Unscrolled, a series of stories, poems, memoirs, plays,
graphic novels, and more that offer a startlingly fresh take on the Torah, its value, and its place in our lives. Unscrolled is both a book edited by Roger Bennet and an ongoing interactive project • Unscrolled (1)that invites everyone to engage with Torah through simple activities like tweeting about the week’s parashah (#torahin140) or more ambitious undertakings like holding an event in your community using the Unscrolled toolkit.

It’s all a project of the ever-creative folks at Reboot, a network of young Jews that has brought us innovative approaches to Jewish life such as the National Day of Unplugging and the architectural contest Sukkah City. Amichai Lau-Lavie, founder of Storahtelling and an Unscrolled contributor, explains of the project, “This might be God’s word, this might be a human text. It’s sacred nevertheless. But we’ve got the permission and the privilege and the responsibility to make it our own.”