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by Lisa Silverman | Comments Off on The Bookshelf

What’s Funny? It All Depends

by Joel Chasnoff | Comments Off on What’s Funny? It All Depends

The Artist’s Beit Midrash

A look inside an adult-education program whose participants created art based on text study.

by Sandy Starkman | Comments Off on The Artist’s Beit Midrash

God Loves Stories

The new/old art of Jewish storytelling is once again thriving

by Caren Schnur Neile | Comments Off on God Loves Stories

Joke’s On Us

A joke about a boy and his grandfather gets at an uncomfortable truth about Israeli Jews today.

by Joel Chasnoff | 1 Comment
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CJ Bookshelf: Spring 2015

by Lisa Silverman | Comments Off on CJ Bookshelf: Spring 2015

Talmud is Fun!

Best-selling author Maggie Anton thinks more Jews should wade into the sea of Talmud.

by Beth Kissileff | Comments Off on Talmud is Fun!

The Koufax Midrash

A sports fanatic, who happens to be a rabbi, wants to know where Sandy Koufax was when he wasn’t playing in the World Series.

by Rabbi Jeremy Fine | Comments Off on The Koufax Midrash

The Broken and the Whole

After a shattering blow, a rabbi finds a new way of understanding the term “quality of life.”

by Rabbi Charles Sherman | Comments Off on The Broken and the Whole

CJ Bookshelf – Fall 2014

This issue’s reviews include The Museum of Extraordinary Things, The December Project, Storm, and Suddenly, Love.

by Lisa Silverman | Comments Off on CJ Bookshelf – Fall 2014
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