God Loves Stories

The new/old art of Jewish storytelling is once again thriving

by Caren Schnur Neile | Comments Off on God Loves Stories

Joke’s On Us

A joke about a boy and his grandfather gets at an uncomfortable truth about Israeli Jews today.

by Joel Chasnoff | 1 Comment

The Koufax Midrash

A sports fanatic, who happens to be a rabbi, wants to know where Sandy Koufax was when he wasn’t playing in the World Series.

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CJ Bookshelf: Spring 2014

Even if you have never seen a page of Talmud, you will find something of interest and accessible in Ruth Calderon’s newly translated book, A Bride for One Night.

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laramie project 2

When Hate Kills

What moved the Golda Och Academy to be the first Conservative Jewish school in the US to produce The Laramie Project?

by Gila Drazen | Comments Off on When Hate Kills

What’s So Jewish About Dr. Who?

An innovative network looks to find homes for arts education in Jewish contexts, and Jewish education in artistic contexts.

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The Gift of Sigd

The Jews of Ethiopia would like all Jews to observe the Sigd, a celebration of Jewish unity, reflection and prayer.

by Shai Afsai | Comments Off on The Gift of Sigd
L.J. Goldestein, left, initiated the creation of a Jewish parade crew.

Meet the Jew Crew

Members of a zany New Orleans parade group are more than a novelty. Their hybrid identities can enrich our communities.

by Rabbi Justin David | Comments Off on Meet the Jew Crew

What’s A Jewish Writer Anyways?

Author JOSHUA HENKIN shares his own take on being both a Jew and a writer

by Joshua Henkin | Comments Off on What’s A Jewish Writer Anyways?

And What’s That on Your Head?

His collection of kippot reflects BERT STRATTON’S 23 years playing clarinet at weddings and bar mitzvah parties

by Bert Stratton | Comments Off on And What’s That on Your Head?
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