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FJMC Goes to Peru

For DR. GARY and LEAH SMITH, the highlight of the joint FJMC/Masorti Olami trip to Peru was Shabbat in a very small town

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Jews in Georgia

A photo essay

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A Personal Miracle: The First Masorti Rabbi in Ukraine

RABBI TZVI GRAETZ introduces a young man whose journey is inspiring

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Facts You Might Not Know About Masorti

There is a great deal to know about our movement in Israel, according to RABBI ALAN SILVERSTEIN

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Israel for Kids

There is a lot to do in Israel for children of all ages, from petting zoos to scavenger hunts in Jerusalem, according to AVITAL COHEN

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On A Mission to Israel

On a recent trip to Israel, RABBI ROBERT SLOSBERG was exhilarated by the thriving Masorti movement but discouraged by some of its challenges

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Masorti Makes History

President Shimon Peres addressed the Conservative movement in Israel at its 35th anniversary gala

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Volunteering in Israel: Transmit, Transform, Connect

No longer do volunteers in Israel have to limit themselves to picking oranges on a kibbutz. JUDY DVORAK GRAY introduces a new organization and its Volunteer & Study partnership with the Conservative Yeshiva

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Tehran’s Friends in America’s Backyard

According to HAL WEITZMAN, the United States should be more concerned than it appears to be about Iran’s growing influence in South America

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Rabbis Without Borders

RABBI REBECCA W. SIRBU explains how an organization helps rabbis find wisdom in Jewish tradition so they are better equipped to help people in their communities

by Rabbi Rebecca W. Sirbu | Comments Off on Rabbis Without Borders
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