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Something to Believe In

For Rabbi Bradley Shavit Artson, Judaism carries an ancient wisdom while at the same time is constantly renewing itself. The God Artson describes is a God of connection and hope.

by Rabbi Elianna Yolkut | Comments Off on Something to Believe In

For College Students, Winter Break in Jerusalem

The future of Judaism depends on Jewish knowledge, says Rabbi Loren Sykes, and specifically, giving more young people the chance to acquire it.

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“Dear Mr. Herzl”

Middle school students explore Jewish history by playing characters from across time and space in an innovative online class called “The Jewish Court of All Time”

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What Freedom?

Conventional wisdom holds that the Passover seder is a celebration of our liberation from slavery in Egypt. But the Hagaddah really has a different agenda.

by Rabbi Judah Kogen | 1 Comment

A Sprinkle of Camp

The new Ramah Service Corps brings counselors into synagogues to share some camp-style fun year round.

by Nancy Rosenberg | Comments Off on A Sprinkle of Camp

Seeking Spirituality in Judaism

As we anticipate the High Holidays, we should look within our traditions to revitalize our collective spirituality.

by Rabbi Judah Kogen | Comments Off on Seeking Spirituality in Judaism

Understanding the Haftarot

A new book from FJMC places the weekly prophetic readings into historical and philosophical context

by Tom Sudow | Comments Off on Understanding the Haftarot

Temporary Shelter: One Sukkah’s Stories of Homelessness

Artist HEATHER G. STOLTZ has created a temporary art installation that will inspire you to consider the homeless in your city

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Words of the Week

It’s easy to grow your Hebrew vocabulary using a new program devised by FJMC and DAVID P. SINGER

by David P. Singer | Comments Off on Words of the Week

Keeping the Memory Alive in Day Schools

A Solomon Schechter day school presents families with FJMC’s yellow candles to help honor the millions who died during the Shoah, explains ELAINE SUCHOW

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