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Koach on Campus

Making It Matter

After USY, Ramah, and Koach, our committed young Jews often look elsewhere for meaning in their lives, worries RICHARD S. MOLINE

by Richard S. Moline | Comments Off on Making It Matter

What We Eat: Looking at Kashrut Through a Conservative Lens

For RABBI EDWARD FELD, kashrut must interweave ritual rules and regulations with modern challenges

by Rabbi Edward Feld | Comments Off on What We Eat: Looking at Kashrut Through a Conservative Lens
swim lake

Ramah Fosters Community

National Ramah Director RABBI MITCHELL COHEN is proud that Ramah accomplishes so much without sacrificing Jewish content

by Rabbi Mitchell Cohen | Comments Off on Ramah Fosters Community

Camp Fosters Community

REBECCA KAHN asks what we can do to get more Conservative kids to Jewish camps

by Rebecca Kahn | Comments Off on Camp Fosters Community
Adin and Eric

In Memory of a Friend

His experiences at Camp Ramah help ADIN YEHOSHUA MEIR mourn the death of his closest friend

by Adin Yehoshua Meir | Comments Off on In Memory of a Friend

Yay for Jewish Summer Camp!

Camp doctor SHARON SILVERMAN POLLOCK can’t rave enough about the benefits of sending kids to a Jewish summer camp

by Dr. Sharon Silverman Pollock | Comments Off on Yay for Jewish Summer Camp!

Israel for Kids

There is a lot to do in Israel for children of all ages, from petting zoos to scavenger hunts in Jerusalem, according to AVITAL COHEN

by Avital Cohen | Comments Off on Israel for Kids

A Jewish Museum in Saint John?

SHIRLEY MOSKOW invites you to enjoy the Jewish sites in Canada’s oldest city

by Shirley Moskow | 1 Comment

What’s Jewish About Camping?

Even though MAXINE SEGAL HANDELMAN did not grow up camping, she now spends a Shabbat each summer with 60 friends and family in one of Wisconsin’s beautiful state parks

by Maxine Segal Handelman | Comments Off on What’s Jewish About Camping?
Soy candles

Shabbat Candles Go Green!

You can gain added satisfaction from lighting ecofriendly soy candles, says RICHARD GRAY

by Richard Gray | Comments Off on Shabbat Candles Go Green!
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