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Crime and Punishment

Writing from prison, a Jewish inmate talks about accepting responsibility and seeking forgiveness

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The Koufax Midrash

A sports fanatic, who happens to be a rabbi, wants to know where Sandy Koufax was when he wasn’t playing in the World Series.

by Rabbi Jeremy Fine | Comments Off on The Koufax Midrash

You Are Not Your Abs

A father tells his bat mitzvah girls what really matters.

by Joel Chasnoff | 3 Comments

Tzedakah: Anonymity or Relationship?

by Rabbi Dr. Ilana Goldhaber-Gordon | Comments Off on Tzedakah: Anonymity or Relationship?

Why I Oppose Cremation

One Conservative rabbi shares his reasons for opposing cremation.

by Adam J. Raskin | 1 Comment

The Broken and the Whole

After a shattering blow, a rabbi finds a new way of understanding the term “quality of life.”

by Rabbi Charles Sherman | Comments Off on The Broken and the Whole
Deborah Wechsler

Judgment Day

What one rabbi learned about the High Holidays by spending time in criminal court.

by Rabbi Deborah Wechsler | Comments Off on Judgment Day

No More “Necessary Evil”

After years of watching parents and students make Hebrew school secondary to other activities, a religious school director decided it was time for change.

by Jennifer Rudin | Comments Off on No More “Necessary Evil”

The Optimistic Movement

Rabbi Joshua Rabin refuses to believe that a movement with some of the most vibrant synagogues, rabbis, hazzanim, and educators in the Jewish world is incapable of inspiring Jews in the 21st century.

by Rabbi Joshua Rabin | 2 Comments
J and P

Mixed Blessings

Faced with rising rates of intermarriage, Conservative leaders are searching for new ways to keep interfaith families in the fold. The question is, what exactly should they do?

by Michael Schulson | 2 Comments
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