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Elliot Dorff Rector 2011

How We Decide Jewish Law

In Conservative Judaism the Committee on Jewish Law and Standards is the body that decides if, when, and how Jewish law should change.

by Rabbi Elliot N. Dorff | 1 Comment
Rabbi Gordon Tucker's Remarks

The Israel That Is Still To Be

by Rabbi Gordon Tucker | Comments Off on The Israel That Is Still To Be

The Personal Touch

The winner of a new Jewish leadership award is bringing younger Jews into her aging congregation.

by Gila Drazen | Comments Off on The Personal Touch

Funding the Conservative Movement

How one congregation makes a difference

by Rhonda Jacobs-Kahn | Comments Off on Funding the Conservative Movement

Securing Our Future – Choosing Life

The High Holidays remind us we are just temporary guests. Our lives are finite. God’s creation is meant to be enduring.

by Bob Leventhal | Comments Off on Securing Our Future – Choosing Life
god of becoming 4C

Something to Believe In

For Rabbi Bradley Shavit Artson, Judaism carries an ancient wisdom while at the same time is constantly renewing itself. The God Artson describes is a God of connection and hope.

by Rabbi Elianna Yolkut | Comments Off on Something to Believe In

Rice and Beans and Corn, Oh My!

On Passover, these foods remain out of bounds for Ashkenazim, but a rabbinic panel is examining the ban.

by Rabbi Paul Plotkin | Comments Off on Rice and Beans and Corn, Oh My!

A Theologian for the Modern Age

A former student introduces the most recent work by Rabbi Neil Gillman.

by Rabbi Julie Roth | Comments Off on A Theologian for the Modern Age

The Urban Rabbi

For a Baltimore rabbi, social justice means forging real bonds between his synagogue and the predominantly African-American community around it.

by Michael Schulson | Comments Off on The Urban Rabbi

Q and A with Rabbi Gordon Tucker

Rabbi Gordon Tucker on interfaith families, the idea of post-denominational Judaism and more

by Andrea Glick | 2 Comments
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