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deborah pollack

The Power of Intentional Judaism at the Conservative Yeshiva

I believe the work being done at the CY is one of the true successes of Conservative Judaism. I found the Yeshiva to be a magical Jewish learning utopia made from Jerusalem stone.

by Deborah Pollack | Comments Off on The Power of Intentional Judaism at the Conservative Yeshiva

Raising a New Generation of Israeli Leaders

The Hannaton Mechina, a pre-army program for high school graduates, works to instill the shared values of Judaism, Zionism and humanism.

by Rabbi Sara Brandes | Comments Off on Raising a New Generation of Israeli Leaders

This election is about my granddaughter. Period.

When he moved to Israel 40 years ago, he couldn’t have imagined he’d end up with a non-Jewish granddaughter. But that’s exactly what the Chief Rabbi says the author has.

by Dr. David Breakstone | 2 Comments

Raising Ruth’s Daughters

Israelis who have converted, or whose mothers or grandmothers converted, face especially daunting identity issues.

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Prisoner of Hope

Despite a discouraging reality, an American Jewish physician is using health care to help heal the Israel-Palestinian divide.

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The Gift of Sigd

The Jews of Ethiopia would like all Jews to observe the Sigd, a celebration of Jewish unity, reflection and prayer.

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Jewish Girl

Changing Expectations

Women’s League is encouraging girls in Israel to mark becoming b’not mitzvah in a religiously meaningful way.

by Sarrae G. Crane | Comments Off on Changing Expectations
Morning services were a highlight of the annual Women's Study Day at the Schechter Institute in Jerusalem

Jewish Learning for Everywoman

Women’s League’s Masorti Study Days inspire and empower Israeli women.

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“Are You Crazy?”

An explanation for taxi drivers and other skeptics about why I’m making aliyah

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Howie Sniderman, international vice president of United Synagogue, and his wife, Debbie, arrive in
Israel with a planeload of people making aliyah.

On Board the Aliyah Express

A first-time observer describes the excitement, the romance and, yes, the mounds of luggage that accompany a planeload of new immigrants to Israel.

by Howie Sniderman | 1 Comment
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