United Synagogue @ 100


Words of the Century

Couldn’t make it to the United Synagogue Centennial? Here are excerpts from keynote speeches.


One Hundred Years

The partnership between Women’s League and United Synagogue reflects their long history together.

by Rita L. Wertlieb | Comments Off on One Hundred Years

It’s About People, Not Programs

A leading Jewish thinker says synagogues will succeed in engaging people only if they foster meaningful relationships

by Dr. Ron Wolfson | 2 Comments
Mathilde Roth Schechter

Hand in Glove

The first decade of partnership between United Synagogue and Women’s League was an era of enormous achievements for both.

by Lisa Kogen | Comments Off on Hand in Glove
Rabbi Rachel Ain with congregants, says synagogues must try to bring different generations together.

A Life in ‘Hineni’ Mode

Inspired by our ancestor Abraham, a rabbi focuses on making people feel welcome.

by Rabbi Rachel Ain | 1 Comment
Solomon Schechter,
center with beard, with his wife Mathilde,
behind him, sits surrounded by his disciples.

Big Tent or Narrower Tent?

Ever since the founding of United Synagogue, the leaders of Conservative Judaism have been debating its boundaries.

by Michael Cohen | Comments Off on Big Tent or Narrower Tent?

Synagogue Life: The Next Paradigm

How can congregations engage and inspire today’s Jews? Plus, more voices exploring the past and future of Conservative Judaism.

by Rabbi Charlie Savenor | 2 Comments
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