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Getting to Yes

The new president wants to find ways to navigate through disruptive times to shape the future of Conservative Judaism.

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To Survive, To Strive, and To Thrive

After Katrina, a New Orleans congregation has done much more than come back from adversity

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Where We Are Now

USCJ’s immediate past president looks back at the remarkable changes of the last five years.

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What’s the Cure for an Immunity to Change?

The real problem is not that people or institutions don’t want to change; the problem is the psychological barrier to substantive personal or institutional change of which most of us are unaware.

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An Israel Bond

Congregations use grants to create innovative programs connecting their communities to the Jewish State

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Taking the Long-Short Path

Nativ is an Israel gap year program that pays dividends down the road

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The Optimistic Movement

Rabbi Joshua Rabin refuses to believe that a movement with some of the most vibrant synagogues, rabbis, hazzanim, and educators in the Jewish world is incapable of inspiring Jews in the 21st century.

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For College Students, Winter Break in Jerusalem

The future of Judaism depends on Jewish knowledge, says Rabbi Loren Sykes, and specifically, giving more young people the chance to acquire it.

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No Devil in These Details

As his attorney friends say, he will “stipulate” that we face some troubling statistics. But for the past few months, Rabbi Steven Wernick has been digging deeper into Pew, looking beyond the sound bites for a more nuanced read on Conservative Judaism today.

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Words of the Century

Couldn’t make it to the United Synagogue Centennial? Here are excerpts from keynote speeches.

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